MTV Decoded webisode

Unpaid internships are a scary proposition. They ask you to work for free under the promise of making "connections" and gaining "valuable" experience, with no guarantees that you'll do much more than get coffee or do menial work. So what would it be like if there was a horror movie made about unpaid internships? Probably something like this week's episode of Decoded. 

MTV Decoded
Featuring Franchesca Ramsey
Brought to you with love by: MTV Other
Produced by: Kornhaber Brown 

Andrew Kornhaber. . .Excecutive Producer
Brad Hasse. . .Director
Frank Cosgriff. . . Producer
Matt Rogers. . . Writer
Eric Brouse . . . DP
Steve Latta . . . Gaffer
Ben King. . .Grip
Brett Van Deusen . . Sound
Lani Barry . . . Makeup
Edwina Garcia . . PA
Scott Pearson. . .Editor

Jonathan Braylock (@jonbraylock). . .Bryan
James Coker (@JamesWCoker). . .CEO
Jackie Jennings (@ohhijackie) . . . Teresa
Jaqwan Kelly . . .Office Worker
Larena Poole. . .Office Worker
Chris Chianesi . . . Zombie Intern
Michael Lazarus .. . Zombie Intern
Mika Kenyah . . . Zombie Intern
Alexis Palmer. . .Zombie Intern
Tamikia Henderson. . .Zombie Intern
Sharisse Powell . . Zombie Intern
Clyde Folborg. . Zombie Intern


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