"Texting Hat"
Short Film
The latest in multitasking fashionable wear, bringing eye contact back to the 21st Century.


Once this short was released, featuring what was a fake product, the video started getting featured on the homepages of sites like Laughing Squid, Design Taxi, MTV, and Fast Company. From there, cable shows around the globe from Canada to Korea to Australia started to feature the short, and sometimes just the product itself.  "The Living Room," a weekly variety show that has a segment where they feature new product ideas, reached out to me and asked how much I was selling the hats for, and if they could get a few for their hosts. 

"Uhm, sure... the hats cost 20... er 25 bucks... and yes we'll get a few of those sent out to your team right away." 

And all of a sudden I was the owner of a hat business.

The hats used in the short were all homemade props, so I had to figure out how to make these for real, get a shopping cart up and running on the website, and get some custom made Texting Hats shipped out to my very first customers out in Australia. Here's the segment: 

And now you too can enjoy emitting or receiving "eye contact" as well by visiting TextingHat.com. For those of you who wish to emit eye contact, purchasing a hat with an image of your own face will be the best option for you. For those who want to receive eye contact, using the image of a friend's face will work most efficiently. 

And that's my Texting Hat story. Now please go buy a hat. 


"Right This Minute" (USA)

PS - Hasse is pronounced "Hoss-ee" :)

The Huffington Post (Germany) 

SBS (South Korea)