Bacon Flavored Mouthwash

Results: Over 1 billion impressions, 230k+ shares, and 30k new fans on Facebook. To this day, fans are still demanding for Scope Bacon (as are we.)

Brief: Scope Mouthwash saw an opportunity to go big for April Fool's Day. The budget was low but there was room for fun. What could we do to stand out during a saturated holiday?

Creative: Introducing Scope Bacon. We launched an intricate campaign — commercial, website, social campaign, mobile ads, and print — and pushed it out days before the holiday.

Role: Director

2014 National ADDY Gold Awards - Integrated Campaign, Webfilm
2014 National ADDY Silver Award - Single Branded Content
2014 Webby Honorees - Viral Marketing, Best use of Social Media



Results: 10 Million views

Brief: Introduce Sixt to the US Market.

Creative: The video takes a page from the theater of the absurd, with Uygur and McMillan bandying back and forth and the former claiming the latter has “sold out” by making it about a car rental company. From there, McMillan busts out a rhyme and The Fat Jew, Josh Ostrovsky, appears, showing off his superior dabbing skills.

Role: Director, Writer