Straight No Chaser "That's What I Like"
Music Video

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My good friends Clayton Cogswell and Noel Carroll over at Good Cops Entertainment approached me with this project for Atlantic Records. They had an approved concept but a conflicting schedule, so I got to come in and execute. It was a fun challenge to take someone else's vision for a music video and bring it to life. We also had only five days from the moment it was green lit to the day of the shoot, so one of the solutions was to film everything at the New York Atlantic Records offices. This included turning the main conference room into a performance space. So if you've been there, these locations might look quite familiar to you! 

Label: Atlantic Records
Commissioner: Wes Teshome
Director/EP: Brad Hasse
Production Manager: Cletus McKeown
Director of Photography: Evan Jake Cohen
Production Co: Bradonio Productions
Props: Izzy Gardner
Editor: Brad Hasse
Color: Jaime O'Bradovich