Smile was written as a farcical take on how our obsession with phones and wanting to stay constantly “connected” in return actually keep us constantly disconnected. All it takes is the quick chime from a text message to ruin a beautiful moment. And I wanted to do this through the imagery of a bunch of smiling weirdos sharing their toothy grins with each other, as it was a visual that made me, well… smile. I figured that making this a non-verbal short would create a more meditative experience for the viewer, where they can get lost in the happiness of the moment. Physiologically, it’s quite difficult to watch a group of people smile and not be tempted into joining in yourself, even if you are just watching on a screen. So my hope is that the audience mimics the happiness that unfolds in the short, and then also feels the immediate disappointment when the moment is stolen away from them due to the fateful sound of a text message. 


Written & Directed by Brad Hasse
Production Company: The Collective @ Lair
Executive Producers:  Mark Aji & Theresa Loguercio
Director of Photography: Evan Jake Cohen

Starring: Daniel Koren
1st AC: Brandon Regina
2nd AC: Simon Wolfe
Gaffer: Brian Bonacci
Key Grip: Mike Keane
Hair & Make-Up: Kian Stave
PA: Alex Aji
PA: Jose Rodriguez
Editor: Brad Hasse
Assistant Editor: Robert Pigott
Color Correction: Milan Boncich
Music: Michael Hearst
Sound Design: Julienne Guffain

Casting Director: Anthony Pichette

CAST (in order of appearance)     
    Daniel Koren
    Lawrence Samuels
    Carl Foreman, Jr. 
    Lorraine Cink
    Ambrose Martos
    Kelly Carson
    Jemaray Pyatt
    Violette de Bartillat
    Rolo Ledesma
    Hitomi Nozawa