Songs for a Sloth

Feature Film - Coming Winter 2020


Log line
On the verge of a nervous breakdown, Maxwell meets a talking sloth in his dreams and becomes obsessed with saving the animal’s habitat in his waking life by returning to his first passion of music. While creating viral content to promote his fundraising efforts proves difficult, the real challenge becomes securing the help of his flighty brother and self-involved sister before developers take over the land.

When Maxwell’s father wanted him to give up his dream of being a songwriter and embrace a life of conventional responsibility, he did. Years later, after his father’s death, Maxwell is no less in thrall by him. And after being visited by a talking animal in a dream, he becomes convinced that he must fulfill his father’s last wish - the saving of a habitat for a rare species of the North American Sloth. He enlists his brother and sister to help raise money and, after the trio discover a trove of paintings secretly created by their late father over his final years, he returns to songwriting as a means to bring attention to their cause. But just as the siblings are becoming closer and Maxwell is growing freer, his obsession over being the son his father wanted threatens to destroy the whole endeavor. Songs for a Sloth is a film about the struggle to be both the person we want to be and the person we feel responsible to be. It's also about literal dreams, a talking sloth, paintball, live video games, viral videos, texting hats, cabinets that wash dishes, and fancy banquets. In the end, Maxwell will need to learn that getting to your passions slowly is better than not getting to them at all.

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About the Filmmakers
Filmmakers Bradley Hasse and Richard Hollman met four and a half years ago when Rich auditioned for a short film Bradley was making. After making that short, the two put their heads together on how they could find the time and money to do what they've both wanted to do their entire lives - make a feature film. Well, between their other jobs and responsibilities (acting, directing, editing, teaching, facilitating a charity, moving, raising kids!) the two found time to winnow down their ideas and cultivate a script in the hopes that the stars would align....WHICH THEY DID. This past Spring, Grayson Ross and Joe Labbadia of Pudding Boy Productions signed on as producers, Andy Whitlatch signed on as cinematographer, and Ava Eisenson, Brian McCarthy, and Arian Moayed rounded out the cast. A crew was assembled, locations were scouted, equipment was rented, songs were composed, the script was rewritten four million times, and deadlines were carved in stone. In only eleven shooting days the feature was shot, and now the project is in post production, slated to be finished in early in 2020.  


Pudding Boy Productions
in association with
Bradonio Productions

Directed by
Bradley Hasse

Executive Producers
Grayson Ross
Joe Labbadia
Bradley Hasse
Richard Hollman

Written by
Richard Hollman
Bradley Hasse

Cinematography by
Andy Whitlatch

Richard Hollman - Maxwell
Brian McCarthy - Barney / Sloth
Ava Eisenson - Jenna
Arian Moayed - Lawyer
Bradley Hasse - Lost Guest
Shelley Little - Vanessa

Three-Toed Sloth Puppet Courtesy of

Original Songs Written and Performed by
Richard Hollman

Musical Score
Dave Nelson
Marlon Patton

Edited by
Bradley Hasse

Assistant Editor
Kevin Deming

1st AC
Martin Awano

Kevin Deming

Juliana Rustum
David Levine

Production Assistant
Arianna Marks

Paintings by
Laurie Hollman

Sculptures and additional artwork by
Jeffrey Hollman

Location Courtesy of
Jeffrey and Laurie Hollman

Filmed in Long Island, NY

© Songs for a Sloth, LLC 2019

For more information, please contact:

Bradley Hasse
(mobile) 310-595-5377
(office) 917-720-5049