Colorado Lottery "Rooms"


This spot is all about celebration... so I put together a "celebration sizzle" from my previous shoots for you to see. Please watch with audio cranked up and with lit party sparklers in hand.

*If party sparklers are illegal in Colorado - please consider breaking the law to fully enjoy this video. 


I put this together because...

I never like to see boards slip by when it's a concept that I know I can do an awesome job on. I know how difficult it is compiling the right people for each campaign, and sometimes the few spots on the reel that are presented don't put the best foot forward for that concept. Since these boards have the energy and the ridiculousness that I genuinely love to work on - both when it comes to the celebration as well as the absurd VFX - I figured I'd humbly re-submit for your consideration. 

Fair warning, on these types of shoots I do end up dancing more than the actors. That part of the process isn't pretty. But, it does get the job done. And hot damn it's a lot of fun too. 

Have a look. If you dig it, maybe there's a chance we can still party together on this campaign. 

Thank you!


Full Reel - click here