The "360 multi-perspective" concept allows us to view a single person from four different viewpoints simultaneously. With this footage pieced together onto a single screen, we are left with the illusion of a group of individuals, all identical to each other, orientated in different directions, and in-sync with each other’s actions. Sound confusing? The test videos below will help.

In a mix between the musicians playing, dancers and performers, the choreography between each of their “clones,” and turning on or off the four layers of footage, the music video will go from the simple to complex and back again.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 9.59.20 AM



The following clip shows the very basics of this concept. The studio would have to have four green screen walls and flooring. In the actual shoot, the cameras will have to be behind green screen "blinds" with a hole cut out for the lens, which will minimize clean-up in post. The character can move freely around the stage, being captured from the four different camera angles simultaneously.



The following test uses only one character. This character is "filmed" simultaneously from the four angles, at one moment in time, and then comped together onto one screen. In the edit, the individual layers can be turned on or off to either reveal or hide the various angles of the one character. Key moments to activate or de-active these layers can be when the character shown in one plane crosses in front of their image from another plane.



The finished video would feature all of these final performances in a "blank void" space. Filmed all on green screen, this color can change in post. backgrounds


While this is a very abstract and visual concept, the soul of it still needs to have a driving feeling and emotion to keep us tuned in. The featured characters in this video will appear to have the ability to "see themselves" from new perspectives all at once. It's an introspective opportunity that one doesn't normally have access to. Moments of discovery, awe, and experimentation will arrive from this experience, and as the video progresses so can new understanding and confidence and ways to express oneself. What starts out as being more inquisitive and contemplative can end off being uninhibited and powerful. An explosion of movement and emotion.



While the initial concept and ways to execute this have been well thought out, there is a lot that will be learned and improved upon from actual experimentation with this technique. This is the type of project where I am looking to collaborate with someone interested in doing something new, someone who sees the value in the base concept and wishes to invest the time it'll take experimenting with me in order to make it something truly incredible and unique.

There is still much to discuss about this concept and where I see it going from here, and this page is obviously not a full treatment, but rather a quick introduction to this idea. My contact info is below for further information and discussion. Thank you for having a look!   Brad Hasse (c) 310-595-5377 (o) 917-720-5049 brad@bradhasse.com www.bradhasse.com [/one_half]