Our film is about a moment of choice when, as one embarks on a creative endeavor, they have the option of either giving in to a cascade of opportunities to procrastinate instead of jumping straight into the project at hand. Do you embrace the moment and get to work? Or do you push it off until later, citing a seemingly endless list of justifications for delaying just getting started?. Did I get enough sleep? Do I have my favorite pen? Are all my obligations taken care of? Are the condiments on the shelf in my fridge properly aligned in alphabetical order? ….am I sufficiently inspired? 

A lesson we, and many other artists, have had to learn over and over again is that waiting for inspiration usually IS procrastination. Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like just putting pen to paper and getting to work. 

This film is a comedic catalogue of the myriad ways an artist can avoid getting down to work in the name of finding inspiration - and the courage it takes to avoid that pitfall and just embracing the idea that NOW IS YOUR MOMENT and that it’s time to simply get started.