Moby "Saints"
Music Video


For an upcoming family trip to Thailand, I decided to come up with a small short film to create during this journey, eventually it all came together with the track "Saints" by Moby, and he released it as his official music video. 

I nearly froze all of my toes and fingers off in New York, and then got to make a complete fool of myself while doing the water scenes in Thailand. Seeing a grown man in mask and snorkel in only 2 feet of water, GoPro on a stick in one hand, soggy wet rat in the other, while flopping around frantically, probably isn’t what the beach goers on vacation were expecting when they woke up that morning. I noticed they did their best to keep their children (and pets) away. 

And for the trash can scene at the end (filmed with a prop trash can with “clean” garbage inside), people couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t let them throw away THEIR waste in MY trash. Again, adding the rat puppet into the mix didn’t help either.

One rat's lucky escape from the harsh New York winter.

Shot on location in the USA (Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York City) and Thailand (Coral Island & Kata Beach, Phuket)

Director, DP, & Editor: Brad Hasse
Prod. Co: Bradonio Productions
Writers: Hoyt Dwyer & Brad Hasse
Sound Design/Mix: Timothy Korn
Puppeteers: Violette de Bartillat, Manami Morita, Brad Hasse

"Pack Rat" puppets courtesy of Folkmanis Puppets